Staff Members


Name Title Ext # Email
Lisa Stephens-Musick, RPA Chief Appraiser 1008
Denise Skinner Taxpayer Liaison 1003
Paul Bata Geographic & Information Systems 1000
Dan Conatser, RPA, CAE Director of Appraisal 1002
Brian Peterson, RPA Senior Commercial Appraiser 1001
Clay Cowan, RPA Commercial Appraiser 1017
Eric Beesinger, RPA Commercial Appraiser 1018
Leslie Dunn Commercial Appraiser 1020
Denton Keltner, RPA Director of Operations 1015
Kelly Morris Senior Support Technician 1014
Terri Segovia Support Technician 1011
Becky Crowe Support Technician 1009
Amber Morrison Support Technician 1012
Mistie Moxley Support Technician 1010
Monty Toliver, RPA, RES Director of Residential Appraisal 1016
Steve Raines, RPA Lead Residential Appraiser 1021
Tia Schaeffer, RPA Residential Appraiser 1022
Westly Garcia Residential Appraiser 1019
Rebecca Collins Residential Appraiser 1026



A person who engages in appraisal of property for ad valorem tax purposes for an appraisal district must be registered with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations and successfully complete the following courses within 5 years:

  • Within Year 1 – 32 hours in the basics Texas property tax system, and 8 hours in professional ethics.
  • Within Year 3 – 18 hours in the income approach to value, 18 hours in the theory and practice of personal property appraisal, 15 hours in Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP), 24 hours in the theory and practice of appraisal of real property, and Pass the Class III examination.
  • Within Year 5 – 18 hours of analyzing real property appraisal, 16 hours in Property Tax Law, 18 hours in mass appraisal, 7 hours in USPAP, and Pass the Class IV examination.

Upon completion of the above a Registered Professional Appraisal (RPA), a registrant must complete 30 hours of approved continuing education every 2 years which includes:

  • 2 hours in professional ethics, a state laws and rules update course, and 7 hours in USPAP.