Applicants Sought for Appraisal Review Board of Wichita County

Applicants Sought for Appraisal Review Board of Wichita County

The Appraisal Review Board (ARB) was established by the Texas Legislature to provide an independent judicial review of taxpayer protests of valuations and other actions as determined by appraisal districts.

The ARB is a citizen board that typically sits in panels of three to hear testimony and review evidence in order to determine property owner protests. ARB members are required to attend ARB meetings and state training in addition to serving on panels for actual ARB hearings. Service on the ARB does not constitute a full-time job, but members are compensated per diem when conducting hearings, attending ARB meetings, and State Comptroller training. Serving on the ARB requires a commitment of approximately five to nine days starting in late May through July, eight hours per day. Meetings of the full board will normally be held two or three times a year and supplemental hearings will be held at other times as needed (typically once a year).

The Wichita County Local Administrative Judge appoints Appraisal Review Board members. Candidates for the ARB must be current residents of Wichita County, have resided in the county for at least two years; must be current on property tax payments for property in Texas or show that the tax is being paid under an installment agreement; and must have not previously served on the ARB for three terms.

Additional requirements can be found on the application.

Terms on the ARB are two years in length and a member may serve for three terms. Interested individuals must submit a completed application to the local administrative judge through the Wichita Appraisal District (WAD) Taxpayer Liaison Officer no later than October 15th in order to be considered.

Please return the completed application to Denise Skinner at
or via mail to

Wichita County Appraisal Review Board,

c/o Denise Skinner,

PO Box 5172
Wichita Falls, TX 76307